Special Events & Performances

Every year KDR run a number of special events. Some are designed to give our students a safe space to perform and have their K-Pop idol moment, some are just for fun!

Quick Cover Crew Dance Cover Project

Each month we offer a new Quick Crew Dance Cover Idol Experience.
Over the course of four to five weeks, you'll learn an entire K-pop dance routine from start to finish, including formations. Then you'll be featured in a professionally produced K-Pop dance cover video shot on location in a Brisbane locale, and have professional photographs taken too! 

The Quick Crew Dance Cover Project cost varies depending on how many rehearsals are allocated - sometimes it's four, sometimes it's five. Here's an example of the kind of video you get to be part of!

Spark Night

Spark Night is our way of giving our students a real spotlight moment. Participants prepare their own K-pop dance routine and learn it on their own to the best of their ability. Then we all come together and share their hard work for our community, our friends and family! Spark Night performance spots are only available to students of KDR classes - so if you want to enter, you have to come to classes.

We also like to showcase our recent Quick Cover Crew performances onstage at Spark Night!

Here's the playlist from our 2020 Spark Night!


The Supershow is our annual end-of-year showcase for friends and family to come along and see what we've worked so hard on! Our teaching team choose a few K-pop bangers, and throughout the last few months of the year we offer dedicated rehearsals for each one. This way our students get to learn a bunch of whole routines (or just one or two - whatever you feel is right for you), coordinate costumes, and perform on stage in a one-night-only K-Pop extravaganza! Unfortunately we weren't able to hold a Supershow in 2020, but we hope to have it back in action in 2021!

Supershow participation is only open to KDR class students, so if you want to join in you have to come to some classes first.

Here's a playlist from our epic 2019 Supershow!