Special Events & Performances

Every year KDR run a number of special events. Some are designed to give our students a safe space to perform and have their K-Pop idol moment, some are just for fun!

Quick Crew Dance Cover Project

Each month we offer a new Quick Crew Dance Cover Idol Experience.
Over the course of four to five weeks, you'll learn an entire K-pop dance routine from start to finish, including formations. Then you'll be featured in a professionally produced K-Pop dance cover video shot on location in a Brisbane locale, and have professional photographs taken too! 

The Quick Crew Dance Cover Project costs $150 to participate. Here's an example of the kind of video you get to be part of!

Solo Slamdown

Our annual Solo Slamdown is a solo dance cover competition - but it's not as scary as it sounds! Students are encouraged to select up to a minute and a half of a K-pop dance routine and learn it on their own to the best of their ability. Then we all come together mid-year and share our hard work! Even though we do select a champion, it's less about the competition and more about getting comfortable being onstage, learning how you learn, and supporting each other! To keep things fair, you're not allowed to enter with a routine you've already learned in class - you have to start from scratch! Solo Slamdown entry is only available to students of KDR classes - so if you want to enter, you have to come to classes.

We also like to pop together a  couple of group pieces so everyone can join in - especially if the idea of dancing a long is a bit too intimidating for you!

Here's a playlist of solos from our 2018 Solo Slamdown! 


The Supershow is our annual end-of-year showcase for friends and family to come along and see what we've worked so hard on! Our teaching team choose a few K-pop bangers, and throughout term 4 we offer dedicated rehearsals for each one. This way our students get to learn a bunch of whole routines (or just one or two - whatever you feel is right for you), coordinate costumes, and perform on stage in a one-night-only K-Pop extravaganza! 

Supershow participation is only open to KDR class students, so if you want to join in you have to come to some classes first.

Here's a playlist from our epic 2019 Supershow!

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